Chasing mavericks

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As an athlete my world revolves around constant improvement, progress and growth. As a powerlifter my athleticism is defined by how much weight I can move and typically how I move it.

Turning PB’s (personal bests) into gold medals is my ground zero.

However, personally, that ‘best’ does not signify my level of physical strength, rather it portrays my endeavor for fortitude and is compelling of my mental accomplishments.

Being on a quest to improve your physical strength in the gym, be it chasing a max effort deadlift, achieving a single pull up or simply just shaving five minutes off your 10km run means one already has the intent to better their self-worth. Chasing change is never an easy task.

With every challenge comes difficulty. Overcoming a set of physical hurdles requires a mind of extraordinary performance. This mind however is not built overnight, the mind is developed through facing hardships, breaking down barriers, and believing in ones ability regardless of weakness.

If I was asked what my biggest accomplishment was, and looking back on my life, at that very first rep and my very first ‘personal best’ all those years ago, I would not tell you it was my first world record or my first world title. My biggest accomplishment has been overcoming great weakness.

Constantly working to improve your PB’s will make you a better person.

Failing in the gym, then picking yourself up again and attacking the same demon that puts you down time and time again will develop a warrior in you. The carryover of this mental tenacity to your everyday life is extraordinary.

Having the ability to keep going long after you think you cant. Developing the perseverance to fight continued weakness, stumbling blocks and limitations that you are faced with when attempting to overcome a physical barrier, builds the type of mental toughness that can only evolve one into the kind of person that can survive great adversity.

This mental strength separates the girls from the women.

Having courage and backbone doesn’t just make you want to attack the weights with reckless abandonment, or give you that extra punch 100m before the finish line, it far surpasses your physical capabilities.

With this brings a healthier mind, an improved confidence and a will to attack your everyday life with the self-same commitment, power and determination. However, in order to have this, you need to build this and unfortunately in todays day and age too many people are looking for outside motivation.

Rather, choose to be the heroine.

We spend our lives admiring others who have accomplished great things, in the movies we watch, the books we read and the people we ‘follow’. It is human nature to support success. Start by supporting your own success.

Begin by setting targets, realistic goals in the gym. Then, knuckle down and face whatever obstacles come between you and hitting that goal before waiting for frivolous forms of motivation. When you are in a position where you are able to motivate yourself daily regardless of how you may feel, it becomes an iron forged habit that nothing will have the power to throw you off course and stand in the way of your objectives.

Your world becomes your bond and you become uncompromising in the pursuit of your personal bests and goals. This is what it means to be the heroine.

Our greatest adversary in the gym is resistance. Our greatest nemesis in life is resistance. This is what holds us back from taking those first bold steps. Resistance wants you to back down, give in, give up, submit, make excuses and live in fear.

Crushing those weights, hitting those numbers, improving your physical power and strength and surviving the anguish these challenges throw at you will develop the character to overthrow the minds weakness pushing you to give up and give in.

By simply chasing your physical rainbow you are building an empress.

You have the choice to either dwell in a cage of weakness or stand bold and live you life on your own terms.

Get strong, be strong, portray strong.

Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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