Don’t blow festive chunks

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’tis the season. 

Let’s get messy . I’m a realist, I’m not going to try sell you a juice diet or 12 day detox.  I swear, scouts honor. 

Its that time of year where we all tend to reach out for the bottle a little more regularly, before we start smashing our heads against the wall in guilt lets look at my 12 facts of boozy cheer.

1) If you’re an athlete or just someone that trains like one, and you going to indulge this festive season,
take a couple of days off after you hit the bottle ­ you more than likely wont be impacted by the alcohol at
all, provided you get some rest and your liver doesn’t explode you will be back performing at optimal
levels in no time.

2) If you don’t normally drink, don’t start now. If you are a ‘social’ drinker, drink enough to get the ‘happy
feels’ not to get a massive hangover and wake up with some random person who is equally hung over.

3) Alcohol dehydrates you. Drink water, flush your system.

4) When having alcohol with your meals, stick to protein and veggies with your booze.

5) Good news is, alcohol won’t make you grow a man­gina or man boobs after just a couple weeks.

6) Nor will your testicles shrivel up into raisins.

7) It will however lower your testosterone production by 6­8% after regularly throwing the glass back
over a 3 week period, so don’t let a couple festive celebrations turn into a month long binge.

8) Fit girls, it does tend to go straight to the hips – so be mindful of your calorie consumption instead of
resorting to Netflix on New Year’s Eve, just watch your calorie intake during the day.
Some caloric quantities:

1 beer: 155 calories
1 light beer: 125 calories
1 glass of red wine: 125 calories
1 glass of white wine: 120 calories
1 shot of white spirit: 100 calories
This is very general and not specific to brand, house or flavor. It’s the mixing of drinks and the drink
mixers that cage the hidden animals. Be wary of your choice of side.

9) Alcohol is a non­nutritive calorie source and your body will process the calories from alcohol
before anything else, if you are able to get up in the morning, off the bathroom floor and into the gym – do
it. Your ‘post party pants’ will thank you for it.

10) While you increasing your drinking, increase your supplement intake, take a multivitamin, look after
your liver.

11) Alcohol effects are influenced by what you drinking, how much of it and what you eating with
it. Be wise in your choices, you’re on a festive break, you’re not on death row – don’t drink yourself into a

12) If you are drinking so much that its interfering with the important things in your life like your
training, then maybe consider cutting back, but if it’s not effecting your performance, your stomach lining
or your personality then let’s get together for a drink sometime.

In other news, OTG is expanding by more than double its existing size, with a whole lot of STRONG new
additions, and we have the remaining 2 weeks to get our shit together or our members are going to get
weak and throw in the towel so I’m taking off till January.

Have yourselves a good one and I’ll catch up again in the first week of January

Until then, try not to be shit.

See you in January my very strong league…

Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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