Eat like a legend

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Nutrition is the absolute foundation of strength and performance.

Eating clean is not rocket science, whether you are flexible dieting, intermittent fasting, paleo, ‘IIFYM’, or banting, the 

truth is, calories in vs calories out. Simple.

I’ve evolved from high school athlete to university binge drinker to corporate coke jockey and now competitive powerlifter.  Whether I was eating for performance or shoveling that last garage pie at 3am one thing remained the same. 

I love to train but I also love donuts.

The key to eating came down to two things, managing my calories and optimizing my nutrition for performance. You don’t need to be an athlete to make educated food choices that will benefit your everyday life, in fact you should be eating like one regardless. I walk around in my off season with 12% body fat, I eat carbs religiously and I train for strength.  I don’t ever do cardio.  

My tips for eating like a legend

1) Training day calories vs non training day calories.

If you are following an exercise regime you should be eating to fuel it. Your calorie intake should be higher on a training day to support your muscles, your recovery and your hormone production.  

2) Carbohydrates 

Eat your carbs, my trick here is to eat them before training, during training and after training and then keep them low for the remainder of the day.  On non training days I keep them to trace carbs only. 

Fun facts about no carb diets

increases cortisol levels, lowers testosterone production, slows down metabolism, muscle loss, suppresses immune function, poor athletic performance.  Should I go on? 

3) Eat the fat 

I increase my fat intake on days that I DON’T train (olive oil, nut butters, coconut milk, avo) and I remove these items from my diet on days that I DO train. 

4) Coffee & Milk  

Avoid milk before training as it is very insulinotropic meaning it causes high insulin levels that make you burn less energy.  Don’t drink coffee after you workout as it raises cortisol (stress hormone) at the point where you need to clear it for the best fat burning and recovery effect.  Do drink coffee in general or you will be a shitty person to be around.


Give me a shout if you interested in a simple and easy to follow eating plan that will have you fueled up for training, aid in adding some lean muscle and shaking the excess fat.  My strong league members are my first priority 

Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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