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Girls all over the world dream of their perfect wedding day, their beautiful white gown, the ideal music, their first dance. Its set to be a sublime occasion.

Wedding season in South Africa is upon us, which means we are surrounded by brides and grooms to-be, who are breathing fire and spitting venom in every last effort not to tap out on their big day.

Society paints this picture of a typically skinny bride in a gorgeous white dress, this just implies to the rest of us that if we are not going to fit the profile of the girl on the cover of ‘Bridal Fair’ then your day just wont compare.

We as people need to learn to love our bodies, embrace our curves and challenge our capabilities. We need to empower ourselves through mental and physical strength rather than get swallowed up in the burden of reaching a forged standard of perfection created by society.

High up on the list of most brides “wedding wants” is the chassis to pull off that bridal gown and their grooms tailor made tux. Let’s attempt to shift our focus to something a little less material and a little more relevant to today’s physical culture. Health, strength, fitness and good nutrition should be part of your quest for longevity long before you decided to buy the cow.

We need to learn to love ourselves a little more, we need to learn to love ourselves so much so that the fuel we are feeding our bodies is not for just living but surviving and performing. We cant be so careless with the one thing that we have total control over, the one thing that cannot be taken from us. You can lose your investments, your house, your cars but you will always have your body – learn to take better care of it.

When your “check engine” light flashes on whilst driving, we without second thought, pull into the nearest garage and investigate the vehicles call to attention. Yet when we suffer with unhealthy and problematic weight issues, internal pains, headaches, or common everyday illness we seldom take significant steps to change and improve our health.

We should be concerned less with fitting into societies realm of perfection, and more with being strong, fit, active and healthy. Brides and grooms to-be should be focused on prolonging their lives together through good nutrition and an active lifestyle as opposed to crash dieting just for their wedding day.

Sleep, sex drive and appetite are the three ques for an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. If any of these three areas are not thriving at optimal levels then there is reason for concern. If you are not getting adequate sleep or you are getting interrupted sleep, and you have a low libido or find that your appetite is not raging at least three times a day for a good meal than you need to clean up your lifestyle.

Nutrition is not rocket science, whether you choose to cycle your carbs, fast intermittently or count your macros, you know that sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods aren’t going to do anyone any good. There is no excuse to include any of the above in your diet


unless you want to harbour a bio hazard. There is no excuse to consume sugar, if you love your body – show that you care about it and eliminate the crap, it really is that simple.

These minor alterations are what is going to get you a good nights sleep, an improved appetite and a physique performing like the machine its built to.

When it comes down to putting the hours in at the gym, try to focus more on not losing “weight” but targeting your “bodyfat”. Lifting heavy and combining this with some solid conditioning is going to lose you more fat and inches than weight. Gaining muscle mass is the key to burning off calories and a mix of weights and conditioning is going to send your body in the right direction.

Strive to get at least 7 hours sleep at night because HGH and testosterone thrive during your sleep cycles, all the healthy eating, training and supplementation in the world is not going to help if you do not sleep and control your stress levels.

Learn to love your body, fuel it with what it will thrive on, build your body and it will build your character.


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Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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