I couldn’t be prouder of the team of athletes I get to work with on a daily basis and am humbled by their dedication to the system, their consistency with my methodology and the heart they put into their goals.


I started powerlifting with Lil back in 2018, we got ourselves a qualification to the WPC Nationals and the plan was to compete and then switch to bodybuilding and prep for the 2019 season. In 2019, at the start of the bodybuilding season we took home a gold medal at the IFBB East Coast Classic, a gold at the KZN Provincials and a gold at SA Champs.  I earned my PRO CARD, Protea colours and placed 5th at my first World Championship by the end of my first year.  There is no doubt in my mind that I would never have accomplished any of the above without Lil backing me.  Her knowledge and passion is beyond words.  Thank you Coach for always believing in me AND calling me out when I needed it.  You are in inspiration to me and all your athletes!


Where do I begin? I’ve had the good fortune of working with some of the best coaches in the industry over the past few years, and I’ve learnt valuable lessons from them.  

That being said, there’s a few things that set Coach K apart.  Her promptness and attention – her addressing all your concerns and making last minute changes to “the plan” at a moments notice.  I have never been stronger than I have under her, I never thought I’d get a 150kg deadlift and I don’t even compete!  I have had male coaches before and (would love to believe that gender has nothing to do with being a great coach) having a female coach just hits different, especially if her name is Lily and she has a kick ass sense of humour and just gets ‘it’. ‘It’ being where you’re at, where you wanna go and how to get there.  Every step of the way.  Love my coach! Thank you for all you do  


This isn’t lip service.  This is honest truth.  Three hip replacements and a double knee replacement (from competition) in 6 years.  I was told that walking pain free would probably never happen again, let alone train or even compete in strongman.  After 6 months with Lil, I was pain free (something doctors and bio’s could never achieve).  A year and a half later I’m stronger and more stable than I was before the injuries.  I trust Lil implicitly.  She is the reason I can still compete in the sport I love and for that I will always be grateful.  Her knowledge and passion is unmatched in this industry.  Her investment in my progress is incredible and some days even eclipses my own.  I look forward to many more years of competitive strongman with her in my corner


Before starting with Lil I though I was strong doing ‘quarter squats’ in the gym.  Lil took me to the GPC World Champs in Vegas as a complete novice where I squatted 250kgs at 100kgs still thinking I was strong.  We joked about attempting the world record at 350kgs.  We laughed about adding 100kgs to my squat.  Looking back now after recently squatting 370kgs in competition, making my squat the 4th heaviest in South African history, not knowing then how far we would go together.  Honestly if it weren’t for Lil I would never have been able to achieve the amount of gold medals, records and accolades I have today.  OTG is family. Out of Lil, grew the “Moose” I am known as today.


To say the OTG Method has revolutionised my life would be a complete understatement.  Before signing up with Lil I had zero balance, I had over dieted and over trained for WAY too long. Lil has “held my hand” through the entire process and helped me find the balance my life really needed.  Managing my own nutrition has been an absolute game changer, I have lost 21.5kgs since full term pregnancy and to be honest it hasn’t felt all that difficult because I’ve been able to still eat all the foods I enjoy.  I’ve fallen in love with fitness again and for that I owe her everything.


I am yet to meet another coach as passionate and dedicated as lil is towards her clients.  Not only has she helped me get stronger as an athlete and correct weakness in my technique but her strength philosophy has gone beyond the realms of the gym.  It has transcended through all the facets of my life and has helped me become a stronger mom and woman in general.  Being a part of the OTG team has been life changing to say the least.