The Plastics

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We are living in an age of unicorns, magic pills and perfect profiles. We have simulated stories, journeys, goals and our neighbour’s perceptions. We are remotely controlling the views of every single person around us through the spurious channels of social media.

Where have we gone so wrong in our lives that we are forced to create a false pretence? What is society’s obsession with the formidable “like”? Who is the judge of our character who has sentenced us to a life of falseness and affectation?

We are prisoners of our own bullshit. We are so absorbed with living this façade that we have convinced ourselves that the manikins’ we have dressed in the windows are actually true reflections of our individuality. That this person we sell to the public is in fact, fact and not fiction.

What has happened to raw? What has happened to real? As a little girl growing up I remember admiring sports personalities who had trained in the trenches and dug through the yards. Those men and women who had tried and failed timelessly in their quest to achieve their personal gold.

How years of hard work and buckets of dedication saw them reach their pinnacles of performance, watching them transform from rookie to experienced, illustrious champions. How their mistakes, handicaps and shortcomings set them up for even greater accomplishments.

Their journeys motivated me to persevere through misfortune and affliction and today my trials and struggles define every inch of me, they define my achievements and my failures.

Personally I am not motivated by the unicorn that graces my timeline who tells a tall tale of text book diets and “punch the clock” routines. The mythical creature who beat all odds and loses 20kgs in 3 months thanks to the grace of God, her organic broccoli compound and generic downloadable workout routine.

I call bullshit.

I call on the girl who stares at her reflection each day in the gym and recognizes her shortcomings, who stands proudly and admits that she often falters off her path yet walks boldly amongst the men in the weight room and continues to venture relentlessly into the unknown as she battles against her flaws and weaknesses. The girl who is years later still ruthless and unyielding in her pursuit of strength, self-confidence & personal acceptance.

Today we are lambasted with overnight stardom, 12 week plans, and 6 month full body transformations. We are imprisoned by the Medias relation of truths, we are victims of our own elusive worlds. The more we accept the delusive stories that fill our timelines, the deeper our quest to self-revelation becomes. We have made achieving our goals near impossible.

A new era is upon us.

In 2016 we chase the rainbow, we aspire to our facebook role models who have eaten clean,


lived lean and gone to church on Sundays. We follow in their footsteps, we sign up at the gym, we shop organic and we post motivational memes. Only to soon realize that after 3 months, only 5kgs have moved and we still haven’t received a sponsorship from USM or Nob & Weave.

So begins the rat race.

We nip, we lie, we tuck, we shake, we bake, we lie. We are trapped and imprisoned by false pretence. Our idols become our rivals and BAM we suddenly have been seduced and embroiled in the façade of todays “real world”.

How are we as the public so easily manipulated and convinced that our ‘idols’ have so easily attained their inglorious podiums? What has happened to our routes of inspiration? Who are we fast becoming that we are so effortlessly convinced into accepting the frontage displayed at our fingertips.

Sit down for a moment, define who you are and most importantly characterize your inspirations.

The people you choose to lead you are the people who will ultimately outline who you become.

There is a sea of raw, uncompromising personalities in every field, in every sport – find them and help them find you.

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Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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