Tips to a great Deadlift

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Whether you’re a complete novice or you have been deadlifting till the cows come home, I have some tips to spew on those who are enthusiasts.

In no way am I the authority on this lift nor do I proclaim to know it all.

There is so much more to the understanding and the approach when it comes to having a great deadlift.

To have a great deadlift the success lies in the process as much as it does in the action.

I like to think that in all this lifts simplicity, there are undoubtedly many underlying secrets when it comes to lifting weights and the psyche behind moving the weight.

Every time I have a conversation with a new athlete learning to lift or my coach, I learn something paramount about this humble movement.

If you have “lower back issues” or are prone to “lower back injuries” so you have chosen to avoid it, it is probably why you suffer with pain, because you have neglected to build strength in your weaknesses.

The deadlift is the king of all exercises (obviously) and a superior movement for back strength and development.

I am not going to give you a boring step by step tutorial on performing this exercise, I am just going to give you some cool tips to keep in mind when you are lifting:

1: Be confident, you have power over the bar, not the other way round
2: Treat your warm up like your max, injuries happen on the light weights. Remember what Ed Coan said “Treat the light weights like heavy weights, and the heavy weights will go up easier”

3: Practicing perfect movements on the light weights means that you will engrain that positive habit by the time you get to the heavy weights, ugly, fast, technically f**ked warm ups

4: Respect the weight

5: It doesn’t matter how big your deadlift is, how long you have been in the game or how many records you hold, you can always be better

6: Make mistakes, this is how you improve

7: Focus on the basics, don’t over complicate the movement, get better at SIMPLE

8: Tension is everything in all movements practice this

9: Constantly look to learn more, there is a massive difference in knowing and doing

10: Surround yourself with people who are more experienced, train with the strong, listen to the wise & don’t ever be afraid to ask questions

11: Plan to get better, going into the gym with no plan is like going into a dick swinging competition with a vagina. Have a goal, write shit down, plan to progress

There we go, now if you don’t know how to deadlift ask someone wise to show you the correct movements. The guy at the gym with a skinny back, has no idea, don’t ask him.


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Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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