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Ladies, lets be honest. We all want to look good naked. A word to the wise, this requires effort, consistency and discipline. Our bodies were “engineered” to move, the less we move the more “paralyzed and sluggish” we become.

A body that moves, that is able, feisty, fit and strong is easily recognizable, not just by the tone of its structure but by the glow it possess that illuminates the physique. The human form is built to function, to push, pull, lift and carry. The more able you are to express your strength and fitness through movement, the more your physique reaps the rewards and ultimately appears alluring naked.

How you define your ideal body type is entirely up to you, society is quickly surpassing the “size 6 is sexy” of yesteryear and quickly embracing that strong and fit is the new sassy. Define your own beauty standards, be healthy, move, train for performance and eat like an athlete.

Let’s discuss my forte, strength, training, and human movement in relation to how this effects the hunt for naked comfort and beauty.

We tend to overcomplicate things when we hit the gym, we overthink, under prepare and google trends. Stick to the basics, focus on movements, train your muscles and reap what you sow.

The cornerstones of exercise are the brutal beasts that reap the biggest reward and the reason that these compound movements are the basis of any GOOD program is because they are based on a combination of movement and muscle. The bigger the movement the more bang for your buck. Focus on exercises that force you to push and pull, to lift and carry. Squats and pull ups have been used for centuries by the military, armed forces, and then to today’s strength athletes, body builders, fitness models and sportsmen as they train the bodies through multiple joints.

Don’t rule out multi plane movements because they are only for sportsmen hustling for performance. Look around you, recognize who is “jacked” and why they are “jacked”. Gymnasts, dancers and sprinters to name a few. These athletes train to be stronger, move faster, jump higher and be leaner. Don’t make the mistake of becoming so emotionally invested in a certain style or type of training, rather choose exercises that will improve your movements, elevate your fat burn, and improve your flexibility and overall strength.

What people fail to realize while chasing their dream body is that pursuing athleticism is what transforms physiques.

By shifting your focus to train movements and muscles you will achieve more than just physical outcomes, training your body to lunge, hinge (deadlifts, good mornings, snatches and cleans), pull, carry and push means building a machine that not only looks good, but feels good and moves well.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you as a coach is to know your goal, understand your


requirements, find a philosophy and adapt a methodology. At OTG we train for performance as well as a good dollop of aesthetics. I coach athletes from high impact sports to stage competitors and people from all walks of life, may they be housewives and weekend warriors or the girl next door searching for physical perfection, fitness & longevity.

A combination of performance focused training as well as a solid baseline of old school bodybuilding and isolation exercises will deem the best results. Do not marry your mind or your body to a single practice.

Transform your body using the movements and exercises that have been developing and evolving athletes for decades. Teach your body to move through exercise, push the proverbial envelope, strive to jump higher, lift heavier, run faster and eat better. Move better.

Lazy, unfit and out of shape is a choice, much like fear. Fear is a choice, don’t choose it.

Train your body, move your muscles.

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Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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