Why am I still fat

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Fat is not a derogatory term.  As long as we are comfortable referring to friends and family members as skinny, we must be more comfortable with fat. 

Society needs to stop pussy footing around what is “socially acceptable” and man up and call a spade a spade.

If you have been struggling with the formidable “weight loss” for 

some time now and you dont have any genetic predisposition, the 

reason you may be struggling is not the diet, the eating plan, the 

stress or the 2.5 children and the lack of time. 

Its the accountability. 

I am constantly seeing social media posts and statuses about “unsuccessful diets” and “plans that don’t work” or “dieticians that haven’t helped” 

Did you really follow through?  If you did, regardless of what diet you tried (except juicing because that’s just stupid) you are defying science. 

Every feasible diet puts you at a caloric deficit, whether you choose to go keto and be undeniably miserable or take the “flexible dieting” approach, if you eating at a deficit the weight will drop. 

This is why you are not seeing results 

1.You think you are eating clean but you actually had no idea that a kauai princess wrap contains 733 calories 

2. You blame the diet, the trainer, and the nutritionist for the bad advice, training and information. You have nothing to do with your inability to lose weight

3. You believe that eating carbs makes you fat 

4. You think that as long as you exercising you will lose weight 

5. You dieting from Monday ­ Friday & bulkingon Saturday and Sunday 

6.You are not trackingyour calories (Now this is a big one) 


How do I fix this?

1.Would you take financial advice from a broke banker?  Find an “adviser” who walks the walk 

2.Eat for your goals, weight loss?  Eat protein, fat and CARBS but DON’T go over your daily requirements. Calories in VS calories out. 

3.Educate yourself. Removing carbs from your diet does many things against you including slowing down your metabolism.  Remind yourself that the end goal is lean, strong and fit for life and a slow metabolism will never give you that.  

4. DON’T follow trends 

5. Train with purpose 

6. Take ACCOUNTABILITY.  Nobody is to blame when you fall off the wagon 

7. “12 weeks”is not a means to an end 

8. Calories in VS calories out­ I cannot express this enough.If your requirement for weight loss is 1300 calories per day, and you eat 1500 ­ you wont lose weight.  You can eat 1500 calories of lettuce or spinach and cucumber juice and you still wont lose weight. 

9. Drink coffee and just stop being shit 



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Lil Kimble

Lil Kimble

Owner of OTG ATHLETIC, Precision Nutrition Certified and ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lil is driven by her pursuit to empower men and women both mentally and physically through strength training.

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